We have been processing payroll for our local clients for nearly 10 years. We have a proven track record and the knowledge necessary to allow you to pass off your payroll with the confidence that it will be done correctly and that it will be done on time.

We are able to process payroll for companies within Washington State or any other location. We can even process payroll form companies who operate in one state and have employees who live in another state.

Our payroll clients are generally small businesses who have between 1- 35 employees. Our clients come from many industries; our clients are local retail and wholesale store fronts, consulting businesses, and service businesses. We have many clients in the residential construction, painting and labor industry so we have a wide breadth of knowledge of reporting multiple risk classes and how to keep your Labor & Industry costs as low as possible. We also have a number of clients who are in artistic fields and, as such, find this side of their business challenging; we find that helping these clients can be especially rewarding.

Because we are a small office you always have a clear understanding of who is processing your payroll and who to reach out to if there is ever any questions that you have related to your payroll or your payroll taxes.